About Us

TOSEL Pharmaceutical Industry and Trade Limited Company, from 2009 to present, has strengthened its position among the most preferred brands in Turkey and the Middle East by the steps and investments made in antiseptic, disinfectant and cosmetics sector.

TOSEL has achieved great success with its professional approach and customer-oriented working principle in both national and international markets and continues to do so. In addition to antiseptic, disinfectant and cosmetic products, our company also carries out successful studies in food supplement sector products. Our product range is steadily expanding with the research and development activities carried out by our specialists.

Faced with the tough Covid-19 pandemic all over the world and in our country, we have proved that we can adapt to unexpected conditions and that we are among the most reliable links in the supply chain of our customers by succeeding in producing antiseptic products meticulously, and continuously and without compromising the quality. Our basic principle is to offer products that take care of the needs of the society we live in, at affordable prices and with high quality and to increase the trust of our customers.

Our goal is to increase the standards and quality of our products every day, to closely follow science and technology to this end, to represent our country in the best way abroad with our strong team of management, production and sales and hence to contribute to exports.

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